Vladimir admitted killing Kimberly.

Let's go ask him.

It's strange that other languages don't really distinguish plants which we ourselves consider totally different.

When are you going to deal with Penny?


I never realized how awful living all alone could be.

Do you really think I'm selfish?

My menstrual cycle is about every four weeks.

I'll be back at 6:30.

You wrote that you thought Kimmo wasn't happy.

You'd like to help, wouldn't you?

Will you give me her address?

They're smiling.

I've always liked Boston.

He is not coming, apparently.

Glynn has only one testicle.


Matti is reading a newspaper.

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You lost it, didn't you?

We often eat foods which are harmful to our health without knowing it.

They're our clients.


She had black and shining eyes.

Steen and Eva played all afternoon.

I chose dual nationality.


I thought it was a good movie.

I like summer best because I can swim.

I still haven't decided what to buy.


Here's what we're going to do.

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She gave us a dubious answer.

I just can't drive all of these thoughts out of my head.

Rahul says he can pluck a chicken in less than ten minutes.

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I think Wilson has been disloyal.

Honestly, I also want to learn Japanese.

When did the robbery happen?

God created the earth and took a rest one day later; though ever since he created women, he has had no peace and quiet.

I don't completely trust her.

Who wouldn't be happy here?

It is clear that he knows the answer.


You two are my best friends.

They both are from Boston.

I know it's bad.

Can I have a word with you in private?

That's not unusual.

Ramesh is staying with one of his friends in Boston.

Casper is a strong woman.

I need to buy new yoga pants.

He got himself up as Santa Claus.

We used to swim every day when we were children.

Everybody laughed at me.

Who is Alvar Aalto?

What's Adam got you doing this time?

I thought Jacobson was on our team.

I want a camomile.

Excuse me. Who are you?

I know why you want it.

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Did you set the clock?


Paul asked Lois many questions that she couldn't answer.

The church was built in the fifteenth century.

Johnnie hopes he doesn't have to live in Boston for more than a year.

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You're a dog.

I have always wanted to be a singer.

It looks like Cristopher is drunk again.

My nickname is Juergen.

I don't care about boats.

Lynn came here for help.

You need to do exactly what I tell you.

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The picture is in black and white.

Do you know the reason why he cut class today?

We're paying.

Jinny passed most of the time fishing.

She seems shy, but has a strong will in practice.

What happened to all of our furniture?

But what taxes would I then have to pay for that inheritance?

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When I got home, I had a nice, ice-cold shower.

I've had a good life.

The best lecture that you can attend is the one you won't understand.


It's a pretty hard habit to break.

Hector is used to staying up all night.

It looks good.


The city I grew up is very beautiful.


I'm truly flattered!


Pia made a poor impression.

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I can't remember where I first met Mahesh.

Did you get his name?

The girl is getting over mountains of difficulties.

The wind and rain combined to make a terrible storm.

I wish I were rich.

This attempt resulted in failure.

We didn't see anything.


Roderick has found a job.


Japan and the U.S. are the most important trading partner to each other.


Pamela is down.

That's a lot of help.

This house has a green roof.

I'll meet you at the library.

Is there a good time to chat?

Is it hot over there?

I carried one.

Tomorrow we go to school to sign up for the classes we want to take.

A hundred and fifty diplomats came to that conference.

The company once again went into the red. It is beyond saving.

May the way of the hero lead to the Triforce.

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Socorrito put the knife down on the kitchen table.

It is said that she is ill in bed.

The show's going to be great.

I cook soup in a big pot.

You're a psycho.

Phiroze burned himself badly when he took the pie pan out of the oven without using an oven mitt.

What do you usually do on Sundays?

I won't give you my sandwich.

At last he stopped before an old house, and caught another glimpse of the town.


Don't ignore the signs you asked God to show you.

There's no telling how long they'll last.

Most employees expect a pay raise once a year.

Raymond didn't go home last night.

And they knew something which the Europeans did not.

After being abandoned for years, the old house went to rack and ruin.

Just for the record, I totally disagree with this decision.


I can work late tonight if you need me to.

That was depressing.

If you find the man, please let me know at once.


The people cried for help.

At what time do you generally take a nap?

Never did I expect that I would see him there.

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Kristian didn't manage to answer all the questions.

Jeffery doesn't appreciate what Daryl did.

Just seeing it made me nervous.

I'm familiar with the way he asks questions.

How might that change?

Death is certain, but its time is not.

His respect for him, with the passage of time, became love.


The informants we used consisted of twenty Americans and twenty-one British.


Having good credit is a prerequisite to applying for a loan.

This is a bow for a strong person.

Stop popping pimples in front of the mirror.

I don't want to jump to conclusions.

This is a matter of taste.

Here's the key, here's the contract.

She got good marks in English.

A widow is a woman whose spouse has died.

You two look the same.

Don't keep the bicycle in the barn.

You'll remember that, I'm pretty sure.


I don't want to sue them.

This is one of Boston's most respected construction companies.

Why haven't you replied to me for so long?

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He named his puppy Pooch.

The local train is less comfortable than the express train.

I'm doing fine.


Every salesman sings the praises of his wares.


The true light that gives light to every man was coming into the world.

Ellen arrives at his office at around 8 o'clock.

If only she would marry me.

How could you do this to us?

There's no magic bullet.

These are my only pair of work gloves.

I'd like to see you tomorrow.

Todd hugged Sergeant and then kissed her.

Do you think it's normal to come home every evening at 9 o'clock?

You can not pull the wool over my eyes.

Did Hans remember to add fabric softener to the rinse cycle?


I used to sing Tigger to sleep.

My prayers were answered.

I thought this wasn't a big deal.


Major didn't break the law.

Juliet barely touched his dinner.

A shameless liar speaks smilingly.